Get Outside Melbourne launches Corporate Wellness Workshops

Yesterday I was invited to share my mental health journey with another corporate group aligning to their RUOK Day activities. RUOK Day is arguably more important than ever this year due to COVID19. People with existing mental health issues may be feeling a heightened sense of anxiety or a deeper sense of isolation and depression.

To support corporate teams and the broader community, Kane Ford, Founder of Get Outside Melbourne has launched a Corporate Wellness Workshop designed to de-stigmatise Mental Health in the workplace and help people start a safe and supportive conversation with their teams, colleagues, family or friends.

Be brave today and reach out to someone if you’re not feeling yourself and if you see someone in your circle who looks like they’re struggling jump onto for some really practical ways to start a conversation that could make a life-changing difference to someone you care about.

While it might appear that Get Outside Melbourne just offers hiking experiences, we’re actually all about connecting people to nature so they can disconnect from whatever else is going on in their lives for a short time – we know first hand the benefits are lasting. Ask yourself today if you’re ok, and in on those around you @RUOK.

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