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Shining a light on the benefits of getting outside

Since launching in 2019, we've been incredibly fortunate to partner with some special brands. They've helped us share our story and passion for helping people feel the physical and mental health benefits of the outdoors.

Kane Ford conquered his mind and the business world from the great outdoors

Melbourne entrepreneur Kane Ford has worked in numerous sectors over the years, including financial services and tech. Yet it’s in the great outdoors that he feels most at ease.

How getting outside helped Kane Ford recover from burnout

We’ve always believed in the power of the trail, but upon hearing the profound impact getting out in nature had on Kane's life, we knew others may be experiencing similar difficulties and his story may have the potential to help others.

5 Reasons to Hit the Trail From Our Friends at Get Outside Melbourne

Get Outside Melbourne’s founder Kane Ford loves getting out onto the trail and inspiring others to do so at any opportunity he gets. Kane shares with us his top 5 reasons for heading out to the bush and hitting the trail.

Powering Forward during COVID19 with Kane Ford from Get Outside Melbourne

Despite Get Outside finding huge success in the first 12 months, heavy restrictions imposed by COVID-19 made outdoor activities – such as hiking – far from the simple proposition they once were.

Seven ways to get your dose of the outdoors during lockdown

The current COVID-19 isolation restrictions aren’t ideal if you’re addicted to life on the trail like me, but there are some easy ways everyone can bring a taste of the outdoors inside if you think creatively.

Sunny Side Up with Ash London - Kane tells the world to take a hike!

Kane Ford was stressed, anxious and dreading going into work everyday. After a couple of trips to the hospital suffering from debilitating panic attacks - it was clear that something had to change.

Get Outside wins 2020 Business Australia Award

Celebrating entrepreneurship, determination and resilience. We're thrilled to announce the Top 10 Business Champions of 2020. We'll be proudly sharing their success stories and highlighting the amazing work they do every day.

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