David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet

Here’s a tip: If you haven’t had a chance to check out David Attenborough’s latest documentary ‘A Life on Our Planet’ it’s definitely worth watching.  In his lifetime he has seen the Earth’s ‘Wilderness’ reduce from 66% in the 1930’s to just 35% today… For lovers of the outdoors like us, that’s a lot less for us to explore, but far more important is the devastating impact this is having on bio-diversity and and the animal kingdom we share this planet with.

At times it’s hard to watch ‘A Life on Our Planet” without feeling a deep sense of sadness and anger thinking about what we have done (and still do today) to our planet – as he frankly states “we are facing nothing less than the collapse of our living world”.

There is hope… with renewable energy, healthier waterways and evolved farming practices. The key take away for us at #GetOutsideMelb is that we can all play a part in reversing what is happening to our world by the simple choices we make everyday. It might be through jumping on the bike instead of driving somewhere, taking a bag with you on your next hike and picking up any rubbish you see or modifying your diet to include more plant based products. These ideas are nothing new or ground breaking, but they’re a good reminder that we all have an environmental impact. If you’ve got some suggestions to share drop them in the comments below

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